• 2016 Excellence Award

Pristine Advisers wins 2016’s Excellence Award!

Pristine Advisers is the proud recipient of the 2016 Excellence Award!

Pristine Advisers is an Investor Relations, Public Relations and Media Relations firm assisting a variety of clients of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and locations.

Patricia Baronowski, President and Founder of Pristine Advisers, provides us with a unique overview of the company and its service offering.

Pristine Advisers manages the IR/PR/Media Relations for various funds in the closes-end space, as well as, ETFs, BDCs, REITs and MLPs. We not only monitor current investors, but we also seek out potentially new investors, analysts, brokers and media to post our clients in a positive light.

Our goal is to communicate with the investment community to ensure they are satisfied and that their questions are answered and that they feel comfortable with management and their investments. When shareholders feel comfortable and that their concerns are tended to and their questions are answered and management is in touch with them quarterly at best – this goes a long way for ROI.

Our high quality services are supplied to a wide variety of clients, including Closed-End Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Hedge Funds, Business Development Companies, Master Limited Partnerships, Restaurants, Mom-and-Pop Shops, Fortune 500 Companies, Extreme Sports Businesses, Authors, etc.

We support clients around the world of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped start-ups, mergers and major corporations with huge success. Many of the clients we have had for over 20 years and who have followed us across three different firms, which is a huge testament to the type of service and commitment we provide our clients.

This service has been provided in this market for 29 years.

During this time we have seen many market movements, and knowing how to position our clients; that marketconditions move up and down; what triggers movements and how Funds or Companies can respond and react to this is vital to our success.

As long as the Companies or Funds are proactive and managing their portfolios correctly then a down market could be a great buying opportunity for investors. Everyone wants to buy when prices are low and then sell when they are high. It is all a matter of reading the markets, knowing the Funds, communicating with investors and being proactive and ensuring shareholders are not left in the dark.

To ensure that this is not the case and that our information is always up to date, we are continuously monitoring the news to ensure we are up to date on the global markets, investment strategies, etc. and that our clients are doing everything that is possible to ensure shareholders needs are met.

Our years of experience in the business has helped to set us apart from our competitors, as it has helped us to gain a thorough knowledge of the clients we represent.

Other key factors in ensuring our success include our training and knowledge in the market and the contacts we’ve established through the years. We have accumulated investors, analysts, brokers and media through the years and target a select group of people for our clients, who support us at our investor conferences, whereas some of our peers will simply invite vendors or investors who may be interested in Fortune 500 firms or other businesses and such and really not interested in clients at all.

Ultimately all of these factors combine to provide the results which highlight our superior services and dedication to client support. In the past we have managed to increase media exposure for some of our clients by as much as 253%, share price by 18% and funds average annual total return 19%.

The future of our market is always evolving and changing, but this is part of what excites us. Working in such a challenging, adapting market is invigorating and ensures no two days are ever the same.

I believe one of the changes that will be prominent moving forward is that many firms are hiring internal IR and/or PR people to assist them. Our approach sees us working with the internal IR/PR staff because we have the expertise and experience to support our clients, and do not need to outsource this.
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