Investor Relations

The gold link in the investment chain must be the strongest. Whether it’s Investor Targeting or Earnings Strategy, Advertising or Strategic Counseling; we will give you service that delivers.

  • Conducting Peer Analysis
  • Conference Calls
  • Creating Scripts, Press Releases and Presentations
  • Developing / Executing Financial Communications
  • Disclosure Guidance
  • Dissemination of Monthly and Quarterly Information to Markets
  • Investor Kit Fulfillment and List Maintenance

Investor Targeting and Marketing

  • Introduce Your Stock to Potential Investors
  • Aim to Diversity and Expand your Shareholder Base
  • Shareholder Research, Targeting and Analysis
  • IPO Program Development & Implementation
  • Pre-IPO, IPO and Post-IPO Programs
    • Listing Services
    • Market Summaries
    • Message Development
  • Multimedia and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Webcasts & Logistics
  • Disclosure and Transparency
    • Peer Benchmarking
  • Intelligence on Vehicles Used by Peers to Communicate
  • How Well they Convey their Messages
  • What Information They Disclose
    • Peer Group Surveillance and Analysis
    • Perception Surveys and Research
  • Gauge the Effectiveness of Communication with Market
  • Contact Target Universe to Determine Perception of Firm
    • Press Releases
  • Press Release Writing and

Earnings Strategy and Implementation

  • Retail Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Conference Attendance
    • Broker Outreach
  • Roadshow organization
  • Sell-Side Outreach
    • Identify and Communicate with Appropriate Analysts
  • Shareholder Identification
  • Working with outside firms we can uncover
    • Up-to-Date Share Positions
    • Detailed Ownership Overview
    • Geographical Share Analyses
    • High Identification Rate
    • Institutional Profiles (including investment contacts investment decision-making, etc.)
    • Market Surveillance (ADRs, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, etc.)
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Strategic Counseling
    • Develop Strategy
    • Communicate Messages
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Webcasting
  • Website Audit/Review
  • Website Design and Maintenance

Raising Capital

We offer a wide range of services, from origination to structuring, advising, and executing Capital Raising.

Pristine Advisers and its professionals have successfully managed and placed capital for some of the premier institutions. With experienced capital markets specialists that focus every day on capital raising for banks and Firms, we understand the special dynamics and relationships needed to successfully raise capital in today’s changing financial market. Our understanding of the industry, focused expertise in structuring and advising on deals in that sector, and our proven ability to educate investors translates into better overall execution for our clients.

A typical capital markets advisory assignment could include the following:

  • Structuring and negotiating the capital transactions to minimize costs while maintaining maximum operating flexibility and value for the franchise
  • Arranging capital, including common and preferred equity, senior debt, subordinated and convertible debt
  • Preparing quality financing and executive memoranda which highlight the attractiveness of the company and the opportunity
  • Accessing our extensive network of debt and equity capital providers and investors (including preparing and working with you on road show presentations)
  • Making strategic acquisitions of stock or funding a one-time dividend or investment
  • Effecting buy-backs and repurchases of shares
  • Documenting and closing the capital transaction

When making a decision to raise capital, the structure and outcome of the deal are important. We can strategically advise you on all facets of capital transactions, including structuring, pricing, introductions, marketing and investor communications, and ultimately, execution.

Working with Pristine Advisers, you can trust that your interests and the interests of your shareholders will be fully evaluated before any capital engagement is undertaken by our firm, and you can count on our post-offering support to ensure your deployment plans continue to be executed according to plan.

IR Database

Pristine Advisers has a unique database of qualified institutional investors, retail investors, brokers, analysts and media. This database was developed 15 years ago and is updated on a daily basis. Every contact goes through a screening process to ensure that they are high quality contacts and categorized correctly. We do not “buy” generic lists for our clients. A lot of research and screening goes into developing our lists to ensure the highest level of quality.