Public Relations

Gaining a good reputation takes time. It is very hard-won and very easily lost. We believe that the best PR is pro-active. We don’t wait around to react, we prefer to set the agenda.

Pristine Advisers Public Relations teams are image shapers. Our job is to generate positive publicity for our clients and enhance their reputation. We cultivate and maintain contacts with journalists, set up speaking engagements, write executive speeches, respond to inquiries and speak directly to the press on behalf of their client. They keep the lines of communication open between the many groups affected by your business: consumers, shareholders, employees, and the managing body. We assist with your press releases, marketing materials, roadshows, etc. We keep abreast of current events and are well versed and understand what stories will get the publics’ attention. It takes a combination of analysis and creative problem solving to get our clients in the public eye. The content of the work is constantly changing and unforeseen challenges arise every day. With our 33 years of experience in this industry, Pristine Advisers are experienced in any and all situations and are well positioned to help clients of all shapes and sizes and markets.

Media Relations

Utilizing the media to raise visibility is a key component to financial communications programs. Pristine Advisers encourages its clients to employ a proactive media effort to generate press coverage, promote awareness of your Company and reinforcing its key investment messages. Pristine Advisers works with clients to identify financially newsworthy events, develop and disseminate news releases to the appropriate audiences and pursue coverage of the news by adopting a media relations plan.

  • Interviews and Press Days
  • Media Placement in key financial publications
  • Tracking (both client and peers)
  • Recommendations based on results
  • Manager “Spotlights”
  • Press Releases
  • Proactive Media Pitches
  • Social Media Implementation, Maintenance and Surveillance
  • Speaking Topic List

Conference and Event Planning and Management

Whether you would like to host a small meeting for investors, the financial press or a large scale conference, we can assist you in all aspects of building your event.

There are many components to consider and various vendors to hire to run a meeting. We can assist in managing all facets from the right venue, caterers, audio visual, webcasting, marketing and inviting guests. We work regularly with hotels and vendors and know how to price their services and can negotiate pricing on your behalf.

On the average, a one-day conference can consume an entire month of your staff’s time to organize. Our team have over 29 years of experience in organizing events. We have arranged many Closed-End Fund events, as well as large-scale Corporate events. We know what is involved and needed for events for all shapes/sizes from the NYSE Bell Ringing to the large scale 5-day Conference Series. We’ve planned and executed dozens of Corporate Conferences whether they are solely for each client, or group events — we handle it all.

We have been cultivating databases of investors, brokers, financial consultants, analysts, and the financial press to target and would be able to work to bring a quality targeted group to participate in your event.

We are very competitively priced and would welcome an opportunity to speak to you in more detail about the services we can offer your firm.