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Pristine Advisers
New York, NY
Patricia is CEO of Pristine Advisers, an IR/PR/Media Relations/Marketing firm with 33 years of experience working her way to starting her own Company a decade ago. She can be reached at

What is Reg FD
The Regulation Fair Disclosure, otherwise known as Reg FD, is a ruling of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of 2000, according to which public companies must disclose important information regarding financial performance, market, competition, business principles, and other material information simultaneously for all shareholders and investors. The purpose of the Regulation Fair Disclosure is to prevent selective disclosure of information when large institutional investors receive market-moving information prior to other smaller individual investors. This regulation also prohibits the discriminatory provision of important investment information to certain securities market experts or shareholders who may benefit from this data.

The adoption of the Regulation Fair Disclosure was a response to the increasing prevalence of selective disclosure practiced in the 1990s. At that time, many companies provided key financial information, such as quarterly results, during conference calls and meetings, but did not make this information available to some shareholders, investors, and the general public.

In the 21st century, when investment businesses, financial institutions, and individual investors gained broad access to the Internet, and the emergence of online discount brokers allowed small investors to independently research and trade stocks, the Regulation Fair Disclosure helped to establish healthy and honest relationships between all parties involved. Thus, the regulation promotes more transparent, fair, and timely communication between companies and all investors.

Now, most businesses disclose their financial information in press releases, conference calls, webcasts, as well as on their websites. Moreover, in 2013, the SEC allowed companies to use social networks to share information if it does not contradict the Reg FD requirement to notify investors and provides unrestricted access.

How Can Pristine Advisers Help

Pristine Advisers is a premium investor relations firm with more than 33 years of experience under our belt. Our expert team is ready to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current IR attempts and evaluate how your company complies with the Regulation Fair Disclosure requirements. Our mission is to help you implement best investor relations practices and ensure effective communication with all parties in the investment market.

Having gained an extensive network of contacts throughout the investment sector, we will help you take the necessary steps to inform the business community about your company’s financial position and gain knowledge of how your business is valued among investors and shareholders.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide advice on how you can improve the efficiency of communication during the Monthly and Quarterly earning process. With our help, you will be able to convey key information to investors and provide specifics about the value of your products or activities. We will carry out in-depth research to identify trends in the market, prepare scripts of conference calls, handle feedback from the call participants, and provide a full report to the management.

In addition, we will help create and maintain stable communication with investors, partners, customers, and other market counterparties through press releases and regular updates on key aspects of the company. Along with this, we will work together with you to create corporate presentations at conferences or private meetings with current and potential investors to aid you to maximize the value of your business.

Pristine Advisers goes the extra mile to ensure you build effective long-term investor relationships. We offer turn-key solutions aimed at improving the performance of your company in many areas, ranging from marketing strategy development and implementation to website redesign and maintenance. Our efforts will not only help to fully comply with the Reg FD but also improve the image aspect of your company.