Patricia Baronowski-Schneider
Pristine Advisers
New York, NY
Patricia is CEO of Pristine Advisers, an IR/PR/Media Relations/Marketing firm with 33 years of experience working her way to starting her own Company a decade ago. She can be reached at

Whether you’re a business owner or someone responsible for getting the “word out” about a business, you have a lot on your plate. There are times when it doesn’t seem as if there are enough hours in the day, which is one reason why it’s often beneficial for using outside vendors to help with the heavy lifting.

A prime example would be hiring an outside company to handle your company’s marketing and public relations. If you’re wondering if relying on another source to handle these important tasks is a good idea, consider the following:

It Saves Time and Money
There’s more to public relations than press releases and media appearances – much more. You also have social media to consider and maintaining a blog, among other crucial tasks. To do the job correctly usually requires a team of people, which means adding more salaries to your payroll.

To do it yourself, meanwhile, requires more hours than you have available.

We Have the Expertise
At Pristine Advisers, we have over 33 years of experience in the PR industry. We have the knowledge and expertise in all areas of marketing and PR and know how to position a client for maximum, positive exposure. Just like your business is an expert in a certain field, we’re an expert in ours.

The bottom line is that we have the right tools of the trade and the know-how to deliver results that help raise your business above your competitors.

It Increases Your ROI
Your company’s return on investment isn’t always measured by sales, but also includes traffic to your website, social media engagement, referral business, positioning in the community, and more. Even if your sales are on the rise, hiring an outside PR/Marketing firm will help keep your business on solid footing through good times and times when it’s a struggle.

Outside Perspective is Crucial
Having the outside perspective of a PR team – a perspective that takes into account what your audience may think, feel, and expect – is invaluable. A fresh set of eyes and an objective viewpoint helps stimulate new ideas, approaches, and practices, while also spurring creativity and new ideas.

Deciding to hire an outside vendor to handle your company’s PR and marketing is a decision with many long-term benefits. You’ll save time, money, and feel secure that experts are handling one of your most important tasks.